4 trends reshaping the pharma industry in 2022

In the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry entered a new phase of business transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted the need for pharma manufacturing to be more environmentally friendly and resilient against market shocks. To meet the growing demand for all-encompassing healthcare, pharma players are developing new ways to balance their responsibilities to patients with investments, profits, and research. 

This summer, more than 300 pharmaceutical professionals joined PHARMAP 2022 to work together to push the limits of pharma. Watch how representatives from Novartis, Janssen, Basetwo, and Oxipack BV identify the next steps for the industry and assess the hottest trends that are lining up to hit the mainstream:

We would like to thank the experts who shared their insights in the video:

  • Kiefer Eaton, Head of Marketing at Basetwo

  • Domenico Annese, Technical Operations Sr Lead at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

  • Piotr Lipinski, Global Quality Auditor at Novartis

  • Serge Smit, Marketing Director at Oxipack BV

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